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Wilderness Running is headed up by experienced ultrarunner Vanessa Kellie. Vanessa has competed in races from 5k to 268 miles and is a UK Athletics qualified run leader (LiRF) and coach (CiRF).

She is passionate about helping runners achieve their potential through supporting their training and providing encouragement and advice.

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My Story

I wasn't a sporty child. Or teenager. Or young adult...

At the age of 40 and after having had three children I took up running as a way of shifting some weight. I had been gradually building up my walking up until this point, and had completed The Race to the King double marathon as a two day hike so I wasn't totally new to endurance sport, but running was HARD!

I started my running career somewhat by accident when I meant to sign up for the village 4k event, but on seeing children in the queue I panicked thinking the 4k was a kids race (it wasn't) and heading to the 10k registration instead. Five minutes later I was on the startline of a 10k race having not run a single mile. Needless to say this isn't an approach I would recommend!

Since starting running in 2017 I have built up the mileage, and have completed over 60 marathons and ultramarathons either in training or as races. Highlights include:

Summer Spine Race 268 miles (2023) 8th placed female

Cotswold Way Century 104 miles (2023) 5th placed female

The Desert Ultra 250k - Namibia (2022) 2nd placed female/ 10th overall

Wild Horse 200 mile - South Wales (2022) 3rd placed female

Ultra X World Championships 250k (2022) qualifier/ finisher

Ultra X Azores 125k (2021) 3rd FV40

Two Tunnels 50k (2021) 2nd female

Race to the Stones 100k (2021) 8th FV40

Thames Path 100 mile (2021) 7th female/ 2nd FV40

Autumn 100 mile (2020) 2nd FV40

White Horse 50 miles (2020) 3rd female

Holder of several FKTs (Fastest Known Times)

I am currently training for Crossing Switzerland (390k) and looking forward to my 2nd attempt at The Tunnel Ultra in 2025

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