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Wilderness Running is headed up by experienced ultrarunner Vanessa Kellie.

Vanessa has competed in races from 5k to 268 miles and is a UK Athletics qualified run leader (LiRF) and coach (CiRF).

She is passionate about helping runners achieve their potential through supporting their training and providing encouragement and advice.

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My Story

I wasn't a sporty child. Or teenager. Or young adult...

At the age of 40 and after having had three children I took up running as a way of shifting some weight. I had been gradually building up my walking up until this point, and had completed The Race to the King double marathon as a two day hike so I wasn't totally new to endurance sport, but running was HARD!

I started my running career somewhat by accident when I meant to sign up for the village 4k event, but on seeing children in the queue I panicked thinking the 4k was a kids race (it wasn't) and heading to the 10k registration instead. Five minutes later I was on the startline of a 10k race having not run a single mile. Needless to say this isn't an approach I would recommend!

Since starting running in 2017 I have built up the mileage, and have completed over 60 marathons and ultramarathons either in training or as races. Highlights include:

Summer Spine Race 268 miles (2023) 8th placed female

Cotswold Way Century 104 miles (2023) 5th placed female

The Desert Ultra 250k - Namibia (2022) 2nd placed female/ 10th overall

Wild Horse 200 mile - South Wales (2022) 3rd placed female

Ultra X World Championships 250k (2022) qualifier/ finisher

Ultra X Azores 125k (2021) 3rd FV40

Two Tunnels 50k (2021) 2nd female

Race to the Stones 100k (2021) 8th FV40

Run to the Sea 50k (2021) 7th FV40

Thames Path 100 mile (2021) 7th female/ 2nd FV40

Autumn 100 mile (2020) 2nd FV40

White Horse 50 miles (2020) 3rd female

The Imber Ultra (2020) 2nd FV40

Holder of several FKTs (Fastest Known Times)

I am currently training for my 2024 races - Arc of Attrition, Brighton to London (and back!) and Crossing Switzerland

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